Tipping made simpler, faster, and easier for everyone

Even for experienced business owners, the challenges of operating in the hospitality sector are too great to ignore. Even though customers are returning and normality is back, there are still many hurdles that must be overcome to ensure a smooth transition.

According to a study by the Deputy, the 2019 annual staff turnover in hospitality was 30%. This is almost double the UK average. A loss of key team members can negatively impact productivity and morale. EasyTip could help in creating a happy workplace and motivating staff by locating and retaining the best talent in the hospitality business.

Hospitality staff work hard. The quality of their service will define your company. Loyal customers will tip, while workers should be generously rewarded. But, the habits of people have changed.

As cash is becoming less common, tipping has evolved. Employees are not getting the same level in cash tips. EasyTip’s leading platform for collecting and sharing tips is cashless tipping. Our software package, which is entirely free for businesses can be tailored to the specific needs and requirements of any hospitality business or service provider.

easytip.net avoids the headaches of accepting tips by credit card. Furthermore, the platform is fully compliant to HMRC service charge regulations.

EasyTip offers many benefits to your company. One example is:

Tipping made simpler, faster, and easier for everyone

EasyTip enables customers to tip through a QR Code without the need to download any app. All cashless tips go directly to employees’ bank accounts. However, depending on the configuration of the venue, they can be split and distributed in an easier and more transparent manner. EasyTip has the right partner to help you establish a consistent and transparent tipping process that staff will love.

Employees can make up to 20% more each month!

Our online platform for tips can be very lucrative for staff. They have greater control over their earnings. According to the Deputy Study, staff reported that they were dissatisfied with their pay and benefits in 63% percent of cases when they had to leave their job. EasyTip has a custom contactless tipping solution that could solve this problem. EasyTip offers staff the opportunity to increase their take-home earnings by as much as 20% every month. All this without cost to businesses!

All tips are visible live to employees.

We believe that employees need to be informed about the amount and time they are tipping. Our tipping platform sends instant notifications directly to their phones. But how does it all work? It’s simple. Customers who dine in restaurants will see a QR-code for tips on their receipt. This leads them to a page with the relevant staff member. Customers can select the staff member they want from the QR codes displayed on our bespoke marketing materials. The customer can also tip via Apple Pay or Google Pay.

EasyTip can offer many other advantages that can help you succeed. EasyTip goes beyond a tipping service or platform to simplify troncs. It is also an excellent tech resource that allows everyone to be more focused on customer service while encouraging collaboration. In your interview with a potential employee, mention EasyTip as a connection and all of the above selling points.

Contactless tips and virtual tip boxes: Want to learn more? Get in touch and we’ll be glad to discuss how our services can benefit your company.