The Smell Is In The Air – Youth Football

There is absolutely nothing like stepping on a football field on a beautiful autumn Sunday. The sound of the crowd, the excitement coming off of the kids, the sound of dried leaves blowing across the ground and the cool crisp air blowing against your face. The passion on both side lines is so heavy you could smell it.

Every Sunday during the football season I start my day the same way, having coffee with my wife and talking about who we play that day. Always thinking if we went over every thing we had to, to get the kids ready for battle. Always wondering, then I get on that field and any doubt, worry or concern I might have had blows away along with the leaves. Youth football isn’t about winning, it’s about teaching football and instilling the passion www.ufabet for the game into the hearts of the young men who play the game.

Passion isn’t something that you can teach, it’s something that has to come alive. When it finally does come alive it remains at your side for the rest of your life. For those of you that have played the game know this to be true.

For me the passion for the game of football came alive my first year playing, and it still gets my heart racing every time I pass by a football field. That is why I have dedicated my passion to teaching youth football. I have spent the last seven years of my life coaching youth football for the same organization that brought out the passion in me.