Sash Windows and Other Double Glazing Products

Sash windows are just one type of window that can be manufactured using modern double glazing in order to create a great looking, energy efficient, secure window. In fact, replacement windows, doors, and conservatories in a variety of different styles and designs can benefit any home or commercial property in these same ways. Whether you want to reduce your heating bills or improve the look of your interior or exterior design, buying new double glazing could be the ideal solution for you.

Replacement Windows

Sash Windows – Sash windows, or sliding sash windows, are a traditional window design. The bottom section of the window slides upwards to allow for ventilation and while this style of window is most commonly found on older properties, modern double glazed sliding sash  Double Glazing Sash Windows Kent windows can be used on modern properties in order to create a unique design.

Tilt And Turn Windows – Turn the handle once to open the window slightly from the top hinges or turn it fully to open the window as wide as you like from the side hinges. This flexible opening allows for minimal or maximum ventilation and makes cleaning both the inside and the outside of the window a simple and quick process.

Casement Windows – A casement window allows a lot of natural light into a room and a section of the window can typically be opened in order to allow ventilation. Casement windows can be combined into virtually any design to provide the look and feel that you want from your new double glazing.


Patio Doors – The patio door is the most traditional form of rear door that opens the living space up to the rear garden or patio area. Two sections are completely glazed which allows a lot of natural light to get into the property and one half of the door can be slid fully open in order to allow ventilation or access.

French Doors – The French door is another popular form of rear door but rather than sliding the door folds open on hinges like an internal or entry door. Both sections of the French door can typically be opened allowing for greater ventilation and access.