How to Buy Your FC Barcelona and Real Madrid Football Tickets Online

Since the recent success of FC Barcelona, it is almost mandatory to reserve your tickets in advance for a FC Barcelona match, here is the guide:


    1. Go to the official website
    1. If you cannot find tickets together on the official website, go online and find a website with strong testimonials. Be sure to read the terms and conditions as there has been a few websites charging crazy amounts of money for tickets, and just don’t deliver them (not to mention their terms and conditions clearly state they will only refund 75% of the amount paid). I found a very well established website and placed it below in the resource box.
    1. Select a match from the FC Barcelona schedule. Note that prices defer from match to match (for example Real Madrid is rated A++ match and is wy more expansive than a match against Almeria). Please be aware that matches kick off date and time are only confirmed 10/15 days prior to the match (TV agreement with the league) Therefore, be sure to be in Barcelona for the whole period of time (match either on Saturday or Sunday OR Tuesday Wednesday or Thursday in some cases)
    1. Same here for the categories, the better the category, the higher the price. FC Barcelona has 9 official categories + several VIP Categories:
      • General (located on the highest level)
      • Gol 3, Gol 2 and Gol 1st tier (short side)
      • Lateral 3, Lateral 2 and Lateral 1 (longside – not grand stand)
      • Tribuna 3, Tribuna 2 and Tribuna 1 (longside – grand stand covered)
      • VIP Silver, VIP Gold and VIP platinum

      It is very important that the website you buy ufabet ทีเด็ดบอลสเต็ป from has this specific breakdown: Most of the websites use a usual Cat3, Cat2 and Cat 1 breakdown. However, when you purchase a cat 1, you may end up with a Lateral 3rd tier ticket, while paying the price for a Tribuna 1st tier ticket.

    1. Once you have selected the ticket category, be sure the tax is included in the price you see. Again many website use the trick of showing prices without Spanish tax and you get a not so nice surprise when checking out as 21% VAT is added to all your ticket price.
  1. You may be asked to input your contact details and select your delivery options. You usually are given the choice between delivery to your hotel and pick up in Barcelona city centre. (note that most ticket distribution channels receive the tickets from the club a week prior to the match, making it impossible for them to ship it to your home address)