England To Win The World Cup!

The England team had both, foreign coaches and including English coaches. At this stage, none of them had been able to win the World Cup for a second time for England. Again and again, they all had tried, and had done all they can in their power to win it again; and still they failed. To win the World Cup for a second time will be one of the greatest achievements ever for England. Their hope is to win it one day again!

It’s every country’s dream to win the World Cup. No need to say, that it’s the biggest prize in sport history. To win the World Cup in football is really a dream comes true. It did happen for Brazil more than once. For Italy, they also won it more than once. In truth, England is no different than the European or the South American teams considering all the very good soccer players England has. There are some very good players in the premiership teams as well as in the first division teams. With so many good players to choose from, the England manager still finds it very hard to pick up the right or the best players to make his team good enough to win the World Cup.

Almost everyone loves soccer/football in the UK. It’s the nation favourite game. The old as well as the young. Male or female; they all love it and they all get involved. Football has become the nation’s best game ever. With the fact that big money involved in football these days, football has become very commercial. People have to pay extra to watch a football match on TV these days. The good old days when to watch a match of football at the week-end or in week-days on TV has long gone. In true honesty, not everyone can afford to pay extra money to watch TV. Especially the pensioners. For them, watching a good football match on TV is to relax. They do miss it! Especially when the World Cup is on.

These days, the price of the ticket to watch a football match สมัครเว็บบอล ufabet has gone up so much and has continued to go up. It has become very expensive. Not everyone can afford to go and watch a match of football these days. Nowadays, even the female’s football teams are very good to watch. They are as good as men.

With so many good players to choose from, the English football fans were so positive about the England team in the last World Cup. Unfortunately, the England team failed them again. Everyone loves football in the UK; and they also love to win. For some, failure is not option. They want their team to win all the time. They also like to win big prizes. And the World Cup is one of them. It has been noticed that almost all of the England Premiership Football Teams have more foreign players than English players. With that said, it’s made it very difficult for the England Football Manager to select and build up his team for the World Cup.