Apartment Renovation in Paris

An atelier Pierre Louis Gerlier redesigned this apartment in Paris. The designers used soft hues and geometric shapes throughout to create a spacious living space. The two-bedroom apartment received an expansion of the master bedroom, a custom-made geometric cupboard in the kitchen, and a new bathroom.

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While the apartment’s original structure was preserved, the designer took advantage of the narrow dimensions and added a balcony. This space was once a dark, cramped space, but now has a light and airy feel.

One of Gerlier’s recent projects was to renovate a one-bedroom apartment into a two-bedroom residence. In the process, he worked closely with Marion Duclos to incorporate wall cabinetry for a more functional space. The designer also added custom-designed children’s beds with mesh covers. The newly-designed children’s room also has a built-in shelf system with storage compartments and a ladder. The apartment is equipped with a laundry room and a living room with a fully-equipped kitchen.

The French are known rénovation paris for their creativity and design. A few years ago, a Parisian architect, Manuelle Gautrand, designed a two-bedroom apartment in the Marais district. His goal in designing this apartment was to maximize the natural light in the space. The interior designer placed double-height windows at the east and west ends of the main room. The mezzanine was then designed to accommodate a guest bedroom. The living area now doubles as a hangout space, bathed in natural sunlight.

Another Parisian apartment that went through a complete transformation is the one shown below. This two-bedroom apartment was transformed from a cramped studio to a spacious, comfortable living space. The bathroom was remodeled to take up as little space as possible, while a fully equipped kitchen and dining area were added to the living room. This makes the entire apartment more comfortable and functional. And the remodeled kitchen became the central focus of the entire apartment.

The project started with a large makeover of the apartment’s 235-square-foot space. The apartment was given a new color and was transformed into a sleep nook. The kitchen became a space for dining while the living area became a dual-purpose hangout space. In addition to making the space more usable, the kitchen now looks more spacious. The laundry room is located on one end of the apartment and serves as a second bathroom.

The owner’s 235-square-foot apartment was in desperate need of a total makeover. The blue walls made it impossible to see the space’s potential. In addition to a poor layout and a drab color scheme, the space had several problems. It was not a luxury apartment, and the owners had a hard time finding the perfect furniture. They were able to find a place to accommodate their furnishings, but they were not satisfied with the result.

The renovation of this 235-square-foot apartment involved drastic changes to the apartment’s layout and decor. The kitchen was turned into a sleeping nook, and the living room was remodeled to be a dual-purpose hangout space. The kitchen was also updated with new appliances, and the whole apartment was bathed in natural light. The remodeled apartment has become a comfortable, modern home. If you are planning an apartment renovation in Paris, you will be amazed at what you can achieve.

From an East-West perspective, the new apartment has a large, functional kitchen and an attractive living space. The renovation team added storage space, and even a bathroom with a spa-style bathtub. The apartment is now a comfortable space to live in. The owner is excited to live in her renovated home. And the renovation team is happy to help her move to Paris, as it is an ideal place for a staycation.

An apartment renovation in Paris can be a challenge, but the results are worth the effort. A 645 square-foot apartment, for instance, can become a comfortable living space if the floor plan is designed to make the most of the space. A small apartment in Paris has very low ceilings, so you can hang artwork high. The kitchen has a small, open layout, but can have a full-size countertop. The renovated apartment has a functional living area, and a dining area.