Did you know that saffron has been used to treat around 90 diseases over the past 4,000 years. This fact was revealed by William H. Honan in his article Researchers Rewrite the First Chapter for History of Medicine. Saffron is mainly used to add aroma to dishes. By adding yellow color to dishes, saffron can also improve their appearance. The spice can be quite costly, but you can still use it for multiple dishes if the packaging is right. You should ensure that you are buying saffron from a reputable store. Continue reading to find out some helpful tips for buying saffron.

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What you shoulda do when buying saffron

If you decide to purchase saffron, it may Persian Saffron be a costly decision. You want to get the most value for your money, it is natural. These are some tips to help you when shopping for spice.

1. Take into account color strengthBefore you buy, make sure to check the strength of the spics. Color strength is a key factor in the product’s aroma, flavor and yellow color. The International Standard Organization (ISO) recommends that saffron be at least 190 degrees in color. You should note that most condiments are labeled with the color strength on the packet if you’re a first-time buyer.

2. You can choose between threads and powerYou can purchase saffron in either power or thread form. Because it can be stored long-term, the threaded version is better. To preserve the flavor, you must keep it in a sealed container. Also, threaded saffron is cheaper than powered saffron. Before you purchase saffron, it is a good idea compare the prices of both types.

3. Take a look at the color of saffronA bright red color is a sign of high quality products. Sometimes, the product may appear red, but it is not always guaranteed to be high quality. Some saffron threads can be dyed. Look at the end of the thread to determine if the product is high-quality. High quality saffron will have a slightly faded finish. It is best to avoid threads with uniform colors throughout.

Organic saffron is also an option. It is usually high quality. You should ensure that you only shop at a trusted store where you can purchase saffron. Online or ethnic spice shops can be a good option. Before you buy from an online store, make sure to research the history and reputation of the seller.

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