It is a great way for you to learn your flying skills, have some fun and save money. The cost of purchasing flight simulator software and games can be high. Online play is a great way to save money. Google Earth allows you to use an online flight simulator. You can access the game via the internet browser. The simulator lets you fly to more than 30,000 international airports. The software can be controlled with joysticks and allows for chat and flying with other pilots. So how do you get it and how can I play it?

First, search for a Google Earth simulator online. Next, you need to install Google Earth. Once the game starts the installation will begin automatically. Flash Player must first be installed to enable sound. The JavaScript Joystick Plug in is required to enable joystick. It’s more convenient and easier. The main method to control the simulator is to use the option bar located at the bottom. These buttons, which are the first three yellow buttons, can be used to select the aircraft and camera mode, location, destination, ทางเข้า ufabet or both. The joystick can not be used to control the flight simulator once the game has started. You can use the keyboard or mouse to control it. Instructions are available on the Internet.

The simulator has five cameras, which are identical to real planes. You can choose which camera modes to view, including the follow, chase, cockpit, or cockpit-less or the default Google Earth mode. Each mode performs differently. The option bar allows you to select the destination.

You can also use Google maps from the option bar to choose the place you wish to take off. You have two options: aeronautical or standard. The runway threshold will be marked on the map. Simply click on these dots to bring up an information balloon. This will allow you to choose whether to “fly by” or “take-off at”. Or, you could choose to fly through Dubai or Singapore and take off, then choose Paris as the destination.

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